Lady · Bird

I raised up a baby parrot, and named it Huahua, meaning Flowery in English. Obviously, I’m not a good raiser, and my parrot is not disciplined at all. It shits all over the place, bites my parents, and patrols like a general on the dining table.

I had to lock it in the cage, and even bought it another playmate. However, Huahua showed absolutely no interest in making acquaintance with its new friend, but only getting out of the cage. This freedom fighter spent the whole day pecking the knots and lifting the door of the cage. Eventually, for god sake, I set it free.

Huahua stayed by my side and refused to go anywhere. Then I realized that it was not fighting for freedom, but being with me. This is one of most satisfying and grateful moments in my life.

YQ Chen

Aug 2020

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